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R: I am a confident and high-performance coach and my focusing is helping female entrepreneurs online if they’re challenged by self-doubt and fear especially procrastinations and I help them to overcome that so they can kick-start and grow their business.

most of the audience that will be 01:03 people in the millennial generation or a 01:05 little bit younger 01:06 or someone who looking to start their 01:08 business or working on their own small 01:10 businesses uh 01:12 what are your top tips for uh from from 01:15 you 01:15 just any tips really just uh from you 01:18 to them sure oh 01:21 again good question because i always 01:24 love to share eager to share and 01:26 especially 01:26 i can help so if i choose top three 01:30 the first one the they can get 01:32 beneficial is the first over is 01:34 building your strong core muscle 01:37 foundation 01:38 what means is uh the foundation is a 01:41 mindset 01:42 and of course when i say this one some 01:44 people oh i know 01:45 i heard i learned but i just asking back 01:49 i know a lot of people and everyone must 01:51 be know already over the importance of 01:54 mindset 01:55 but actually when i ask them are you 01:56 actually doing working on monday 01:58 daily but only a few people very few 02:01 people 02:02 actually working on and then checking up 02:04 their mindset to grow 02:06 and then building so with this mindset 02:09 actually especially on checkup this is 02:12 going to be unshakeable 02:13 booster which means with a mindset 02:16 because during the building the business 02:19 growing business 02:20 we have so many distractions 02:23 so many things happen and shake us 02:26 that’s why like 02:27 even the one year 90 percent of more 02:29 than 90 percent the 02:30 new small business is gonna be fail and 02:32 they just saw oh 02:33 give up i saw a lot and then i also 02:37 experienced those feelings 02:38 but with the mindset know your why and 02:41 know your 02:42 strong mindset it’s going to be grounded 02:45 so with the form core the mindset root 02:49 so you can the you people can not check 02:52 and then 02:53 stick to what you want to do in your 02:54 business so that’s my first 02:57 talk and adding on that one a little bit 02:59 because 03:00 i think it’s really important because 03:02 it’s so easy to say 03:04 that uh i have the mindset but actually 03:07 having it and practice it is it’s not 03:11 the same thing 03:12 and the thing is um having strong 03:14 mindset is very important so a few years 03:16 ago when i was still living in sydney 03:18 that i ran a small little pop-up space 03:22 that 03:22 promote um local artists and things like 03:24 that that went quite well but it didn’t 03:26 really work out 03:27 uh like you know just overly expensive 03:30 in sydney like let’s not go into that 03:32 but i think but i think the most 03:35 important thing for me 03:36 like i i can only say for me i can’t say 03:39 it for other people 03:40 but for me because i know that i gave it 03:43 a good hot go i gave it my all so i have 03:47 no regret 03:48 and i think that’s something that 03:49 echoing the mindset 03:51 um story that sorry the mindset point 03:53 that you were making 03:54 is that sometimes it’s so easy to say oh 03:58 yes i have a positive mindset yes of 03:59 course i am but that’s like 04:01 it’s easy to say but it’s much more 04:03 difficult to do 04:05 exactly exactly it’s like kind of the 04:08 we all know the the exercise 04:11 and the building accommodate chromos is 04:13 really important right for our health 04:15 they know but whenever they so are you 04:17 actually exercising working on day one 04:19 and then 04:19 um yeah one day 04:22 [Laughter] 04:24 monday this year 04:30 yeah like you know i’ll do that after 04:32 this meal of fried chicken 04:34 [Laughter] 04:36 exactly i would not say no to fried 04:40 chicken though 04:41 you know it’s important you know very 04:43 important yes 04:44 and we need to treat ourselves yeah 04:46 exactly exactly 04:49 sorry i should let you go back to uh the 04:51 second tip 04:53 all right so anyway so fried chicken is 04:56 important so i’m gonna start from there 04:57 and then the second one is yes 05:00 same thing we need to look after 05:02 ourselves we are important because 05:05 in our life you are the most important 05:07 though because 05:08 we are the important character in our 05:10 life because we are living our life 05:12 to be happier not be sadder right we 05:15 just want to live 05:16 happily not steadily that’s why i just 05:19 want to everyone stop comparing to 05:23 others because whenever i got 05:25 i have a coaching and as a consulting 05:27 and a lot of people coming to me is the 05:29 first 05:30 the deep down issue is always a 05:31 self-doubt and it comes from 05:34 comparing but i’m telling them but you 05:37 are living your 05:38 life you aren’t living the other’s life 05:40 stop except 05:41 self like sabotaging yourself so there’s 05:44 no worthy because uh it’s really 05:47 important to personalize everything 05:48 that’s why i started 05:50 studying personal image costing 05:52 personality profiling and 05:53 everything personal because i really 05:55 want everyone to realize how awesome 05:57 they 05:57 are stop comparing looking into yourself 06:00 because 06:00 every answer to be happier and then even 06:03 achieve 06:04 more and anything every answer already 06:06 inside just a hidden 06:09 hidden yeah when i when i was uh when i 06:11 was in uni 06:12 i i saw this this quote it doesn’t make 06:15 a person better to compare yourself to 06:17 another person 06:18 but it’s better to compare yourself to 06:19 your previous version 06:21 and if you can be a better version than 06:24 that person 06:25 like the past you then that’s a success 06:28 like you know it’s there’s no point 06:31 because there’s so many people and even 06:33 the media these days would put 06:35 people of similar uh things side by side 06:38 to compare each other 06:40 but it’s not really like you know it’s 06:42 great for tv 06:43 but then it’s horrible for real life 06:46 yeah 06:46 exactly and same thing is that when we 06:49 do the analyzer data 06:51 when you data a b test so we have 06:53 everything is the same variable same 06:55 just only one different variable right 06:57 but if you’re gonna compare to others so 06:59 preset is 07:00 so different it’s hard to compare 07:02 accurate data that’s not accurate data 07:04 analysis 07:05 so it’s about to give improve better 07:07 from the data analysis 07:08 so that’s why it says personalized you 07:11 are yourself as the author says 07:13 previously you what you did and who who 07:15 you were 07:16 and then compared to the who you are now 07:18 and what you’re doing now 07:20 so just a b test from that and then we 07:22 can move on 07:24 it’s analyzing all this information um a 07:27 very 07:28 tough and tiring task for you 07:32 i love it though yes yes as yes that’s 07:35 that’s the story that’s great that’s 07:36 that’s that’s the key and um and the 07:40 final tip of the day 07:41 oh yes one or two yes and also again 07:45 you are important you are the most 07:48 precious person in your world 07:50 that’s why i think don’t forget take 07:52 care of yourself looking after yourself 07:55 so self-care is not selfish so for 07:57 example if you have a water 07:59 on your cup in your cup if you’re gonna 08:01 keep just only sharing without refilling 08:04 and then sooner or later nothing left to 08:07 share 08:08 as well as you’re gonna be hydrating 08:10 even you can talk so 08:12 sorry you can talk nothing to share so 08:15 eventually that reminds me 08:17 yeah me too yeah yes 08:20 go for it hydrating water if you feeling 08:23 yourself hydrating yourself and they’re 08:25 as 08:26 as well like as well as sharing 08:29 so it’s actually long-term so you think 08:32 oh i’m just uh 08:33 oh it was a lot of people um i need to 08:35 have i get it 08:37 helping people important that’s my 08:38 passion as well 08:40 i don’t think that’s the wrong that’s 08:42 right but looking after yourself 08:44 is very important self-care that’s the 08:46 long-long game 08:48 and that’s where you’re going to be 08:50 survived and let’s drive together 08:52 well if you can’t take care of yourself 08:54 how can you take care of anybody else 08:58 totally right it’s it’s it’s a it’s a 09:01 it’s a very like it’s a logical thing 09:04 i guess surprisingly a lot of people 09:07 miss that’s still 09:08 really logical but actually whenever as 09:11 actually like especially women and then 09:13 whenever like oh they think always 09:15 they’re instinctively their born 09:16 personality but natural 09:18 want to take care look after us bring 09:20 others first before them 09:22 so it’s always a realize and this 09:25 actually schedule 09:26 the actually self-rewarding self-care 09:28 time on schedule and then when pop-up 09:31 stop and doing yeah it’s it’s actually 09:34 happened a lot that 09:35 many people would find it um they got 09:39 caught into a situation that they really 09:41 passionate to do 09:42 something about it but then they got to 09:44 a point that is they’ve forgotten about 09:46 themselves and then they got drained 09:48 they got tired they they 09:50 lost their focus and to a point that 09:52 it’s actually very unhealthy 09:54 and so that’s why uh that’s why 09:56 something like what you just said is 09:58 very important just like 09:59 you know even stop and have a drink of 10:01 water just kind of like 10:02 keep yourself know what you’re doing 10:05 otherwise that once you lose 10:07 the center of yourself then it’s a 10:09 little bit wider 10:12 well balanced yes healthy balance for 10:14 happy life yeah 10:16 lovely now uh thank you so much rachel 10:18 for taking part in this interview 10:20 and how can people find you on the on 10:23 this 10:24 vast online space so 10:27 easy way is just remember this one 10:30 essence 10:31 by rachel chung so this is my you can 10:34 find me 10:35 typing this one instagram facebook 10:38 and also linkedin so probably that’s the 10:41 easy way 10:42 for you to remember and find me so 10:44 remember essence by rachel chung 10:46 so search me let’s connect and of course 10:49 i’m gonna put everything underneath this 10:51 video 10:52 so thank you so much for your time and 10:55 um best of luck with your with your 10:57 goals and uh 10:58 hopefully that will get to catch up on 11:01 in the future and 11:02 and share more information with the 11:03 audience thank you so much 11:05 thank you so much for having me here 11:07 thank you so much yeah

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