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Rachel Chung is a performance coach with the mission to help 50,000 female entrepreneurs overcoming self-doubt, fear and procrastinations to kick-start and grow their businesses. I found her work very inspring – her honesty and passion would be a great addition to people minorities to take a step in life.

In the 3 episodes, we get to know Rachel’s journey and some of her strategies in overcoming her own fears and hurdles!

Watch the chat below:

C: Today I have a new friend with me – Rachel hi how are you?
R: Hi Arthur
My name is Rachel Chung and I am a confident and high-performance coach and my focusing is helping female entrepreneurs online if they’re challenged by self-doubt and fear especially procrastinations and I help them to overcome that so they can kick-start and grow their business.
C: What are the things in the digital world, you think is good for your business?
R: It’s actually matching the current trend that not only can help to thrive but survive. For my business, is launched at focus basically online nearly 100%.
When I was setting up, “okay all right I’m gonna do an online platform” because I want to share my core passion to help. I don’t want to be bounded geographically, even if they’re in the US, Korea, Malaysia, Europe whoever really want to overcome their procrastination, I’m here. Rachel’s here, even I’m in Australia – we can connect. That’s why digital transformation is an opportunity, I’m really glad it happened.
C: I think 2020 – if you try to look at it from a positive point of view – we all try, businesses and the general public will take a chance to go online. Just adding to your point, we are using something that is existing and available but wasn’t at the forefront but now it is important

R: (digital platforms are) saving a lot of time especially for women, the need to dress up, some women takes one to two hours to be made up
C: oh my god it’s a little bit unfair, and from my knowledge, some men don’t even iron their own shirts. And I see what you mean, when you can go online you have the flexibility (and the money you save on transport?)
R: absolutely oh yes true!
C: just wondering what do you enjoy the most about working on your own business?
R: That was my best decision last year. When I looked into myself deeply, I know I really appreciate freedom especially control my time; (I’m aware by) establishing my business coaching business, I can tell every bit of time is my time, I’m my leader, I’m the person to decide, prioritise and schedule. I’m doing what I love and am good at and whenever I want. It’s actually a positive cycle – I think that’s what I enjoy most about.

Transcript (05:18):
C: in a parallel universe where you decided differently last year, what do you think you still are doing? How do you feel the different version of Rachel may be thinking?
R: interesting, I feel like a character in Korean dramas
I think the other Rachel won’t be changing much because I’m very grounded… There’s probably two areas of possibility: event manager in education because Rachel loves planning, organizing and putting into action, and that’s the happiest; the second Rachel loves learning, I and Rachel will share and grow together, never stop learning, always curious for something new, this Rachel would probably be in the education industry.
C: I would imagine if you meet the parallel Rachels you guys would just be having such a great friendship and learn from each other and go on to become a superpower!
R: We’ll never sleep keep talking right (well…)
C: you know we need our sleep otherwise that will look 100 years old

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