Hey, small business owners, side-hustle people and supporters of local operations (art, NFPs, independent initiatives, etc.), I’d love to get to know your thoughts about what learning and networking mean to you in 2023.

I’m working on a hybrid prototype with Melbourne’s community in mind; however, I’d prefer to have chats instead of solely relying on stats. At this stage, the prototype is a story-telling community space for people who do or care about smaller operations and side hustles to #GetChatty about their local businesses. 

If you’re interested in taking part in a short five questions interview (not recorded), please pick a time on my Calendy, and I will set up a 10 mins Zoom session. calendly.com/thechattycurator/10

Please note this venture is not part of my day job, and these interviews do not have any association with it. This will be the 3rd incarnation of The Chatty Curator (2010 and 2018), and feel free to take a look at my portfolio (my side hustle journey) so far.