In the past, I posted mostly about the Arts, but now I want to post about people or organisations that I worked with or believe in; also review my previous business and art endeavours – I hope this  can help others to find a way to make their businesses work in the 2020s

Arthur the Chatty Curator
Concepts, Curation & Marketing

I’m posting about people I work with or believe in; please support them! #GetChatty #WithMe #SupportLocalBusiness
TeamArt2ublic T/as Art2Public since 2010

Quick History

As Art2Public (2010-2018) I focused on activating business or public spaces through creative endeavours – created opportunities to get people talking about my clients and successfully assisted artists in taking the first steps on their paths.

During the following years, my clients referred me to their friends in the SME space, and with the scope of my clientele expanding, in late 2018, I renamed the enterprise as Art2Public & the Chatty Curator

What Am I Doing Now?

On this site, you will see content about my work (old and new) and marketing ideas. Remember compatibility is somewhat a spectrum – feel free to take them in and find your own version

If you need a hand, head to the Contact page to set up a meeting or send me a message – I work with my clients on an ongoing arrangement, a period or freelance basis. Let me help you find a compatible way to operate your marketing or content curation. 

#GetChatty About Your Local Businesses (2020)

I’d like to connect local businesses, creatives, audiences or simply neighbours and create a vibrant digital and (hopefully soon) in-person space that embraces our hardworking locals. 

Some of us may not be in the position to support by buying, but if you share the blog or content I post on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, it’d really help get the dialogue going and position everyone better among the algorithm – let’s put the ‘social’ back in social media!