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Rachel Chung is a performance coach with the mission to help 50,000 female entrepreneurs overcoming self-doubt, fear and procrastinations to kick-start and grow their businesses. I found her work very inspring – her honesty and passion would be a great addition to people minorities to take a step in life.

In the 3 episodes, we get to know Rachel’s journey and some of her strategies in overcoming her own fears and hurdles!

Watch the chat below:

Transcript (from 00:29)
C: so now why don’t we get you to introduce yourself a little bit to the audience?
R: Thank you so much, my name is Rachel Chung and I am a confident and high-performance coach and my focusing is helping female entrepreneurs online if they’re challenged by self-doubt and fear especially procrastinations and I help them to overcome that so they can kick-start and grow their business.
C: Would these entrepreneurs be at the starting stage or mid-stage?
R: Initially I really want to help the pre-startup because during that phrase people really needed helping when they are confused and in the trap of perfectionism or impostor syndrome.
So that’s why I started focusing to grow together and be a witness to their growth and be there when they really need the help. But if anyone at any stage require my help, I’m an open book
C: We haven’t met in person yet, how have we got connected?
R: I feel like I already know you so long
So one of my business friends Veronica. We were brainstorming how I can get more exposure, then she said, “hold on, recently I had a great interview with Arthur #GetChatty series and you should contact him!”
I just did a search about you and I love your message, I can see your passion in what you’re doing – similar to the reason why I want to help people.
I was like “I must talk to Arthur!”
and I reached out to you.

Transcript (from 03:27):
C: What prompt you to start your own business?
R: I think there are different reasons, one of my personality tests said that my personality type is a helper and that’s when I feel the happiest, satisfied and fulfilled
My mission is that I want to help 50,000 women to overcome procrastination, be happier and realize that they’re awesome and show thru their business – that’s the drive to keep me going yeah!
C: As we are in a very interesting cross-section of our generation (millennials or gen Z) there’s a lot of information available but procrastination or not having that confidence to take the next step is very important (hinder).
I think it’s really good that you would use your own personal experience to help women to achieve but I would imagine not only women would want to approach you. There are so many businesses that I worked with would – e.g. when I asked them, “What’s your target market?” they would say “everyone!” I was like “we gotta start somewhere so start with what you know!”
Which is what I notice of you and that’s fantastic.

C: how did that the events of 2020 & 2021 affected your area of work?
R: Honestly, it just gave me a lot of desperate and depressing moments. I had a PT business on personal image consulting and I also doing a full-time job in 2020; I got redundant from my full-time job when COVID hit and my fur baby Lucy suddenly left to heaven. All those combined was too much…
Life can be cruel but at the same time can be fair. Last year (2020) was like a crazy roller coaster and I was stuck in self-doubt and feeling useless – but then finally I got to qualified to coach, after two years of intensive studies (with a full-time job and a part-time business) gosh yeah but then I did it!
At that time there was a dilemma – “should I looking for another job? because there are the bills or should I investigate deeper into the\ new coaching business. After pondering a lot I finally say “okay life is short, give it a go!” It was definitely that 08:06 was the best decision!
C: Look, like I mentioned before, we’re at this strange point in time so why don’t we take the chance. When one is looking for a new opportunity why not focusing on what you can do and start one’s own business! Many may be procrastinating so what you’re providing the world is actually something very important and very useful.

Rachel can be contacted via:
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