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Hi I’m Arthur and I’m a marketer in Melbourne. I consult small businesses, local businesses, organisation, artists and creative professionals about their marketing strategies (social media, digital and events). In late 2020, I started this new series to hopefully help encouraging Melbournians & Sydney-siders to support their small to medium operations, at this stage I’m offering this initiative to businesses located in Windsor, Prahran, South Yarra, South Melbourne and Greater Melbourne, (also greater Sydney where I love and lived most of my life). This is a self-volunteering project and there will be no cost for businesses that’d like to take part, if you’re interested to take part please reach out to me here or DM me via my social media!

Chatty: Good morning everyone, welcome back to the Chatty Curator channel, Get Chatty About Your Local Businesses. Today I have my friend Monica with me and, hi Monica how are you?
Monica: I’m good Arthur, how are you?
Chatty: Very good, very good! So uh, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Monica: My name is Monica Jurin and I am an associate professor of Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Chatty: It’s exciting, so um, how did you meet Arthur, the Chatty Curator?
Monica: I am actually so fortunate to have worked with you Arthur. And I am really do enjoy the time that we spent together and learned so much from you. I’m not in marketing but you know through your eyes and through our discussions I learnt so much about marketing.
Chatty: oh, thank you, we get along so well so that’s why we kept in touch after that. Do you, um, there are so many people starting out, do you mind sharing, say a few tips, uh say three of them that you want to share with them for people who are starting out please.
Monica: I think number 1, have an open mind. That is really important. Don’t have or, or the other word is, have a growth mindset.
Chatty: yep
Monica: Don’t let anything confine you to just one line of thinking, like some people say, oh you know I’m a bit too old to ah, consider this. No! Please, anyone you can still grow, no matter how old you are! Number 2, look around constantly, you know. See what’s happening around us. Have that connection with the world and you will see and read more that really open up your viewpoint about things and that is related of course to the growth mindset concept. But to also absorb knowledge constantly and learn from one another I think that active learning skill is so important. And number 3, be creative, be innovative. If, you know, like, sometimes when, when someone come and say that I can’t do that, it’s not possible, I say not possible? Think of another way! Go down another path.
Chatty: There’s always another way.
Monica: That’s right! So that’s the 3 tips I think no matter whether you are an entrepreneur, and that is the important skill I think everyone should have. Sorry I’m adding the fourth one…!
Chatty: …Do it! Just give all the tips that you want…Just keep going!
Monica: Entrepreneurial skill, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you should have it! It is being resilient, it is about being critically thinking about something and solving problems as we go along. You know we, we are not perfect, no one is perfect, so why not just try out different things and work with one another. Work with someone you never work with before. You will find something new, Arthur, and i think that it’s always exciting when I work with someone new I was like, oooh what I am I going to learn?
Chatty: Absolutely, I think it is very important thing, I think one of the, one of the key things is we all have something that we’re naturally inclined to do and mostly most of us would probably do it in out 20’s or maybe some of people, some really, really smart people may start in their late teens. But what we do, what happens is if we overly focusing on one thing without being resilient, without reaching out to outside our sphere or going outside of our comfort zone there is a risk of burnout by, by around the early 30’s or in the 30’s, and it actually can be a really tricky thing for just your physical and mental health as well, so because your life it like your work will constitute quite a heavy chunk of your life. Like, you know, let’s be honest that’s really it and I guess in a way just adding on what you’re saying like you know, finding other ways to look at things is that, you know, the best way to put it is, just put it in layman’s term if we, if we to, if we need to, if, say, if the train looks broke down you take a bus or take a tram. If you are driving, if this road is blocked up you just turn around the corner and go the other way. So there is always another way but sometimes it takes a little bit more effort to look outside of your tunnel vision because we all do, we all do from time to time, some more than the other but then we just need to anchor ourselves the right way to make it happen.

Chatty: In the parallel universe where you work in a different field, what profession do you think you’ll be in?
Monica: Um, I’ll be an architect Arthur…
Chatty: Oh! I cannot expect that whatsoever…!
Monica: … but that was actually the first major I enrolled myself in but because of Asian financial crisis you know, I remember I got enrolled into two universities in the US. One is a private called Syracuse University, the other one is um, State University of New York and Buffalo. But it is a five-year program.
Chatty: Wow there you go. Look I mean the thing is who knows what could have happened if back then you spent five years in the US, you might still be living there now.
Monica: Oh no!
Chatty: So well there you go I mean, I think, I think especially for some reason after 2016 that’s the reaction people usually give! When you’re talking about living in America, I don’t why it is, I have no idea! Anyway this has been amazing, thank you so much Monica for, for taking part in this and I, I, I have a feeling that there will be so many other interviews coming up, um, because you guys been doing so amazing stuff. And now how can people can find you and how businesses can get involved to, to, for example help the students?
Monica: Uh, we have a website uh, you just need to, everyone google these days…ahhh…
Chatty:…and I’ll put it underneath the video, i’ll put it underneath it…
Monica: …at Melbourne Institute of Technology that’s where I work mit.edu.au and I also have my personal website that i’m trying to develop these days and try to do a bit more translation work I guess, yeah, so my personal website is mjurin.space.

Chatty: Thank you so much for your time and I, I, I wish you and your students the best of luck, uh, and of course like uh, let’s uh, keep in touch and please let me know if there’s something that the Chatty Curator can help as well.
Monica: Sure! Thank you for inviting me Arthur, it’s a great chat I totally enjoyed it.

Monica can be contacted via:
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/monicajurin

If you are / know of any Melbourne based businesses, artists or organisations that may interested to take part, please make sure to read this post then request a meeting with me!

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