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Hi I’m Arthur and I’m a marketer in Melbourne. I consult small businesses, local businesses, organisation, artists and creative professionals about their marketing strategies (social media, digital and events). In late 2020, I started this new series to hopefully help encouraging Melbournians & Sydney-siders to support their small to medium operations, at this stage I’m offering this initiative to businesses located in Windsor, Prahran, South Yarra, South Melbourne and Greater Melbourne, (also greater Sydney where I love and lived most of my life). This is a self-volunteering project and there will be no cost for businesses that’d like to take part, if you’re interested to take part please reach out to me here or DM me via my social media!

Chatty: Good morning everyone, welcome back to the Chatty Curator Channel: Get Chatty About Your Local Businesses. Today I have my friend Monica with me and hi Monica how are you?
Monica: I’m good Arthur, How are you?
Chatty: Very Good, very good! So, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Monica: My name is Monica Jurin and I am an associate professor of Melbourne Institute of Technology. And in my spare time I like to explore different things, especially with my young who son likes play different, different games and you know just try to find out about the world.

Chatty: That’s exciting. So how did you meet Arthur the Chatty Curator?
Monica: I am actually so fortunate to have worked with you Arthur. And I am really do enjoy the time that we spent together and learned so much from you. I’m not in marketing but you know through your eyes and through our discussions I learnt so much about marketing.
Chatty: Thank you! We get along so well so that’s why we kept in touch after that. What prompted you to start working in academia?
Monica: Ahhh, that’s interesting question Arthur. I finished my PhD and worked 1 year at the King University, after that I went into consulting. I took a gap, like you know people say they take a gap year. I took 3 gap years! Because I really want to see, you know, the hands on happenings in the business world not just from text books or not just from what I myself write and publish. I want to see things in action and after 3 gap years I went back to academia and I think I have more contribution in terms of trying to make the link between the business world and education.
Chatty: Having this business world experience and the academic world, how did it benefit you in your particular discipline?
Monica: Oh tremendously, I can tell you because without those professional experience I, I really, my eyes would be like, I would be blinded by what I’m reading or hearing from someone else, but by doing it yourself it’s totally different. Especially my area is corporate governance you know, it’s…
Chatty: ahhh…
Monica: That is a confusing area for a lot of people and but that 3 years has really opened my eyes to many different issues. I’m not just talking about theories but the challenges is in the implementation, in the practice and there are a lot of misunderstanding I must say about what it should be and how it should work. And I’m still, you know, keeping touch with the people that I used to work with like for example, yourself, that really enrich my teaching now and, and sometimes I don’t see myself as a teacher I see myself as a coach to my students and I often tell them, you know, this is what happened in the real world. I know this is what you are learning from books and case studies and stuff, but like what I’m teaching now is the Capstone Project with industry clients. My own experience together with some of my colleagues here who also have a lot of professional experience, we put together workshops with our students and throw them in the deep sea and say, now you swim! You know! So it really helps a lot to have those professional experience.
Chatty: I remember when I started there was, unfortunately, that it was not the easiest start but then I’m very grateful to be able to learn the “street smarts” if you may open and closed quotation marks and just, you know, being street smarts and also book being book smart, I mean I hope I’m using the right terms and just to capture that a little bit.

Chatty: You mentioned the Capstone Project so it is an opportunity of a business world exposure for the student who’s been doing well in their areas isn’t it?
Monica: This is compulsory for our students.
Monica: every single one of them before they graduate they have to complete it whether they like it or not! Some of them don’t like it because they were like, this is so challenging! I Never worked with a client before! I said well there is always a first time! Right! and when you go and get a job later on, you have to work with someone. So get the experience in a safe environment, you know, education before you actually step out it’s really something so important I think, I mean, especially for international students. I was an international student and, but, I was lucky to have a part-time job at BIS Regna while I was doing my Masters degree and so I had one step in the business world before I graduated and that, that step is so important because after that, after I graduated, every job application they will ask, do you have work experience? Do have Australian work experience? You know if you don’t take that opportunity, any opportunity, you should go for it!
Chatty: Exactly, I think one of the, one of the things that I do like, you know if I have a chance to talk to, talk to any students in the student age is that I, I’ve been there, I’ve when I was in Uni I hesitated a lot, I mean well in Uni that I, well I mean, I have a part-time job working at a shop, let’s not go into that I’m not very good at it, but anyway, but uh, but what, what would, if I had a chance to tell them that or tell my younger self that I would have said, you know what it’s not that bad, it’s not that bad. And also if you’re doing something with your education environment with you lecturer or professor or tutor then they, they would probably be able to give you a more neutral point of view and more objective point of view. And sometimes unfortunately that when you are in the business world everyone has an objective. Everyone has an objective I mean

Chatty: I told everyone about my objective of doing the Get Chatty series, it’s actually mainly for myself, because I want to reach out to people during covid-19. I want to communicate with people and use what I know, uh it is for my well-being to first and foremost but then it also help others, why not! Like you know that’s the thing in retrospect everything looks easier but I understand why the students could be a little bit yeah….
Monica: The clients, you know the clients themselves who engage with us with in terms of the projects that we do together. Understand, like what you say they have their objectives, they want to get a problem solved with the help of students, but at the same time they know they are working with students and some of our clients are so good they don’t like teachers, they like to teach! They like transfer those knowledge and experience to the students and I think that is also their personal objective, right Arthur, they feel that something inside them gets ensued. And it’s rewarding.
Chatty: it is! What do you enjoy the most about your line of work?
Monica: Um, the ability to make a difference, the ability to see that someone, it doesn’t have to be a student but you know, people that you work with actually click and, ohhhh you know I understand what you’re saying and I’m going to try it. And that difference that you make really is so rewarding. And that I think that is what I like and I enjoy most.
Chatty: Thank you so much Monica for, for taking part in this and how people can find you and how business can get involved to, for example help the students?
Monica: At Melbourne Institute of Technology that’s where I work. And mit.edu.au and I also have my personal website that I’m trying to develop these days and try to do a bit more translation work I guess, yeah so my personal uh website is mjurin.space
Chatty: Thank you so much for your time and I wish you and your student the best of luck, uh and of course like uh, let’s keep in touch and please let me know if there is something that the Chatty Curator can help as well.
Monica: Sure, Thank you for inviting me Arthur it’s a great chat, I totally enjoyed it!

Monica can be contacted via:
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/monicajurin

If you are / know of any Melbourne based businesses, artists or organisations that may interested to take part, please make sure to read this post then request a meeting with me!

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