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Hi I’m Arthur and I’m a marketer in Melbourne. I consult small businesses, local businesses, organisation, artists and creative professionals about their marketing strategies (social media, digital and events). During late 2020, I started this new series to help encouraging Melbournians & Sydney-siders to support their small to medium operations, at this stage I’m offering this project to businesses located in Windsor, Prahran, South Yarra, South Melbourne and Greater Melbourne, (also greater Sydney where I love and lived most of my life). This is a self-volunteering project and there will be no cost for businesses that’d like to take part, if you’re interested to take part please reach out to me here or DM me via my social media!

Chatty: Hello everyone, welcome back to the Chatty curator’s Get Chatty about your local businesses series and today I have my friend Anita here. Hi Anita how are you?
Anita: Hello Arthur how you doing?
Chatty: Not to bad, not too bad, just being eating too much Tim Tams and, so do, do you mind sharing with our audiences a bit about yourself?
Anita: Sure, sure, sure, so i’m Anita van Rooyen, I’m a confidence coach and a human behaviour expert. Which basically means I help people understand the weird stuff they do so that they can do things differently, if they choose too.
Chatty: That’s fantastic. And how did you meet Arthur the Chatty Curator?
Anita: I met you at an international student event that was organised by VicWise I was there talking about how to network, how to start the process of creating networks and how that can then also merge into that really challenging space sometimes of how to make friends!
Chatty: It is, it is, I think one of the biggest challenge is, I work in social media but then at the same time that it looks so easy. But then making friends is another question. You might have thousand of people connected to you or liking your photos on Instagram but then if you’re not actually communicating with other people with confidence and with personality if you may then..eh!
Anita: And like how do you even make friends like I used to be the shyest person in the universe, and I never like, seriously, and I never knew how to make friends. I yes, seriously, seriously, I struggled to make friends know how to start conversations I had so much like internal judgment and stuff going on that it stopped me from just even initiating conversations with people, so that’s how we met was at a VicWise event helping international students with attending networks, helping them to feel more confident in just starting those conversations and then we kind of merged it into how can you use these same skills to start making friends and networks with people that are just around you.
Chatty: It’s amazing. What do you enjoy the most running your business?
Anita: Oh my god there’s so many things, I think the one that I love the most is like, is the flexibility and the, the, like I love being able to work at the times that I want to, that’s one. The thing I love the most is being able to be creative and coming up with something, whatever the hell it is, and deciding i’m gonna do that and start it tomorrow. And without having to go, like i’ve worked in government, i’ve worked in corporate, i’ve worked in all kinds of organisations where there’s just red tape, red tape, red tape, approval, approval, approval, approval and I am my boss right, like I think we’re all our own boss but like in this, my business I am my boss. If I want to do something and give it a try I do it, it’s just done. And that is one of the most joyful things, ever!

Chatty: Just wondering how did the recession and covid19 affected yourself and your business?
Anita: Well look, initially it really impacted it hugely, I was working with a lot of student accommodation providers and they have taken massive, massive hits a lot of the students that were living there have gone home. In Melbourne there’s normally around 250,000 international students at the moment there’s closer to 120,000. So the student accommodation providers have all, like significantly been impacted so that impacts my work. Because I was going there and helping their their students. So it kind of went, took an absolute dive. But you know on that same topic networks because I had networks with a number of different organisations and groups of people. I’ve really been able to turn things around. I’m now doing a lot of work with the likes of Study Melbourne, Study Adelaide and other organisations that are still there, still supporting international students and you know with covid19 there has been some challenges that I think have always been kind of under the surface for international students that, I mean for human really, that covid19 has kind of compressed and magnified at the same time.

Chatty: It really is. Can you share one top tip for young people or to like, international student or creative people that uh who are starting out who are in this stage that you know I would imagine many of them would be like, oh my god what my future would be like. What would be your top tip for them, it can be more than one.
Anita: ok, ok, I think the top tip my mum, I saw my mum the other day and she said, you know i was thinking about something the other day and it’s about being bold. I think that we need to be bold. We, and especially creative people because there is so much judgment like create, creativity is very, like it’s not like maths, it’s right or wrong, right? In the creative space it’s so subjective.
Anita: What you love you may hate. And I think it’s really easy for people in the creative space to get one piece of feedback that is like, oh really? And ignore the 50 other people that loved it or ignore their own, their own self that says you know what I love what i’ve just done, what i’ve created i’m so proud of. And that space is a really, and look it’s the reason why, like creative people that are in the creative industries, students that are in the creative space, their levels of stress anxiety all those kind of family of things is much more significantly higher than everybody else’s and it’s because if you’re a mathematician the answer is right or wrong, it’s black and white. In the creative space there is more than 50 shades of grey. Right? There is like a million different shades of grey some people like it some people don’t, whatever, and it’s very easy to get caught up in that judgment from others rather than trusting your own self.
Chatty: It’s, if there’s like a thousand people in the room that if there’s one being a total critic…
Anita: Dick!
Chatty: Yes exactly. I usually call them arse wipe, because…..
Anita: yes….
Chatty: because the are single use!
Anita: yes!!!
Chatty: I can’t believe I recorded this!! Oh my god! Oh shit!
Anita: Well, where’s the toilet paper right! That is amazing, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it. Oh my god I hope you keep that in.
Chatty: in the blooper reel ok!
Anita: Oh perfect, no, no, keep it in, keep it in this is brilliant.
Chatty: But what I’m talking about, what I’m trying to say is in the room there can be a thousand, a thousand people. 999 are praising you, are happy for you, are proud of you, just one arse wipe that said the bad thing that would just stuck in your head and, and I think interesting that just like you mentioned it’s time for your heat to come out and just you know, follow love, follow instinct follow… you know it is, yeah.
Anita: Yes follow, follow what is right for you because your path is your path. It’s not anybody else’s path. It’s not your mum’s path, your dad’s path, your friends path. Your path is your path and when you follow your heart in your path, then it creates this space of life that is magnetic, that is joyful, that is full of contentment, that is full of all of these amazing words and feelings and it’s open for all of us but we, we, we stare at that one person in the room that’s gone, ummm don’t think so.

Chatty: Thank you so much Anita for taking part in this Get Chatty about your local businesses series and do you mind if someone’s looking for some help with the coaching or the confidence helping such as, how they going to find you?
Anita: Sure, sure, sure, so they can contact me at anitavanrian.com, i’m sure you’ll put a link somewhere. And you know on Instagram and Facebook and all that, all those social media kind of channels, all the jazz, because you know you’ve got to be everywhere right! And, and the other one, the other place is I created a couple of online courses specifically for people who are struggling with stuff around covid. Mental wellbeing stuff I don’t even like to use that word because urrgh, mental urrgh everything!
Anita: A webs, on a website called social-wellbeing.com and, there may or may not be daggy dancing at the end of every 15 minute lesson. There totally is, there is because dancing just helps with everything right! So yah, so there’s a bunch of different ways people can connect.
Chatty: That’s wonderful and I’ll make sure that put all the link underneath this video on the blog post and of course on all the social media posts but, look thank you so much, I really appreciate your time and it’s amazing and once again let’s do it again.
Anita: Let’s do it again, thank you Arthur this has just been such a joyful, joyful amount of time that i’ve got to spend with you so, thank you, because you’ve helped me remember a whole bunch of, you know lessons that i’ve learned over, you know, over the long time that i’ve been alive and, and that’s a blessing for me too, you know to be able to bring these things back it also helps me a lot so thank you!

Anita can be contacted via:
☎️ 0437 075 593
? [email protected]
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/anitavanrooyen
Instagram: @ConfidenceHackers
Facebook: groups/ConfidenceHackers

If you are / know of any Melbourne based businesses, artists or organisations that may interested to take part, please make sure to read this post then request a meeting with me!

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