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Hi I’m Arthur and I’m a marketer in Melbourne. I consult small businesses, local businesses, organisation, artists and creative professionals about their marketing strategies (social media, digital and events). During late 2020, I started this new series to help encouraging Melbournians & Sydney-siders to support their small to medium operations, at this stage I’m offering this project to businesses located in Windsor, Prahran, South Yarra, South Melbourne and Greater Melbourne, (also greater Sydney where I love and lived most of my life). This is a self-volunteering project and there will be no cost for businesses that’d like to take part, if you’re interested to take part please reach out to me here or DM me via my social media!

Chatty: Hi Anita how are you?
Anita: Hello Arthur how you doing?
Chatty: Not to bad, do you mind sharing with our audiences a bit about yourself?
Anita: Sure, sure, sure, so I’m Anita Van Rooyan, I’m a confidence coach and a human behaviour expert. Which basically means I help people understand the weird stuff they do so that they can do things differently. if they choose too.
Chatty: That’s fantastic. And how did you meet Arthur the Chatty Curator?
Anita: I met you at a, an international student event that was organised by VicWise I was there talking about how to network, how to start the process of creating networks and how that can then also merge into that really challenging space sometimes of how to make friends!
Chatty: It is, it is, I think one of the biggest challenge is I work in social media but then at the same time that it looks so easy. But then making friends is another question. You might” have thousand of people connected to you or liking your photos on instagram but then if you’re not actually communicating with other people with confidence and with personality if you may actions. I, I’m just going to give you a strange question to just kind of like you know, throw you off the, throw you off the balance a little bit. Now in a parallel universe when you’re doing something completely different where, what do you think you’ll be?
Anita: oh, look I always wanted to be a florist. From when I was a kid yeah, yeah, like when I was a kid I always wanted to be a florist. Even like at the end of high school I had no desire to go to university. I went and did like a floristry course and I loved it and then it was like, Australia fell into recession and that was kind, you know flowers is a luxury item and so I found myself just in a different path but I think in a parallel universe like I still go into a florist shop and that smell just makes me like so happy like insanely happy just the smell of the florist shop, so I think in a parallel universe I would still be using my creativity and working with flowers that are beautiful and look I think you know people we, we are all incredibly creative but we put limits on ourselves. Like for our creativity and for, I mean a whole lot of different things.

Anita: But I think we limit ourselves in how creative we think we can be. Because creativity is a part of a process of trying, messing it up, trying again, messing it up. The same as cooking, you know cooking is very creative thing you know you try something and you work out well ok that combination of that flavour and that flavour really didn’t work but then the next time you try something else and it’s amazing and, and I think you know as a, as a society we’ve got very, very frightened of the f-bomb you now like the real f-bomb… Failure.
Chatty: Failure
Anita: And like it’s…
Chatty: It’s strange isn’t it, It’s a little bit like, it’s almost like, I think in many ways that we, we need to be a society that celebrates the failure. Not, not like Yeah you failed!! Like you know. Not like that…
Anita: But you know what I think, I think even if we did do that like how joyful would, would the world be! If you know if we, if you messed up really bad and there was just this whole cheer squad going, ahhhhhh!…I love that!!!
Chatty: I think we just came up with a new business idea…
Anita: Failure Squad…Wooohooo!
Chatty: But I think…”
Anita: We can be the head cheerleaders ooohh…
Chatty: I’ll be in my tutu! But…
Anita: Perfect!!
Chatty: But uh, well what I meant is a little bit like celebrating failure and spotting like pinpointing what I learned from it and what not to do the next time, what I know that I’m weak at and acknowledge that I’m not good at this, I’m gonna get better and I’ll beat that. So, so I think all that, yeah!! that works too so…
Anita: like there is gold, there’s gold and there’s lessons in everything if you choose to find them and you know we get so focused on, on staring at you know the thing that we burnt, that we don’t go, ok so next time how about if I turn the temperature down or I cook it for less amount of time. Let’s try that. But we stare at the burnt thing and go, oh my god I can’t cook, I can’t do it, I can’t just, I just can’t’ do it ever! Rather than going like what is the lesson here for me? That’s where you’re in that space of like gold and, and you know like inspired insights to yourself.
Chatty: It is and, and I think the best, the best teacher it’s always whoever’s in there and Yeah. But anyway so now…

Anita: I actually, I actually think that maybe you’re a little bit high I think the best teacher is the one that’s in here, heart.
Chatty: Oh, the heart!
Anita: your heart, your head can lie to you Arthur, It can lie to you, my head has lied to me, my head has told me I can’t do this, I can’t do that, you can’t speak to them. They’re too cool, you’re too daggy, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t. I ask my heart what’s the truth? My heart says, Anita This is, this like go for it! You’re worthy, why wouldn’t you be worthy?
Chatty: Like it’s interesting because I think I, you mentioned about like you know draw back to the basic of who you are and I think when I draw back to my basics is I’m a storyteller I tell story and help telling stories so…
Anita: Yes!
Chatty: It’s, it’s, it’s amazing because I never thought that I would be like you know, I mean, who would, who would apply for a degree of a storyteller that’s a little bit like….”
Anita: but that’s like, that is like there used to be jobs that were people what were storytellers so that you know history could be passed down, lessons could be passed down all that kind of amazing stuff. And you know storytelling is such a important thing so I’m, yes. Remembering, remembering the simple, the simple, simple, simple why, like what is my purpose, what like, what’s my “”why“”?

Chatty: Thank you so much Anita for taking part in the Get Chatty about your local businesses series and do you mind if someone’s looking for some help with the coaching or the confidence helping such as, how they going to find you? Sure, sure, sure, so they can can contact me at anitavanryan.com. I’m sure you’ll put a link somewhere. And you know on Instagram and Facebook and all that, all those social media kind of channels, all the jazz, because you know you’ve got to be everywhere right! And and the other one, the other place is I created a couple of online courses specifically for people who are struggling with stuff around covid. Mental wellbeing stuff I don’t even like to use that word because urrgh, mental urrgh everything! A webs, on a website called social-wellbeing.com and, there may or may not be daggy dancing at the end of every 15 minute lesson there totally is, there is because dancing just helps with everything right! So yah, so there’s a bunch of different ways people can connect.

Anita can be contacted via:
☎️ 0437 075 593
? [email protected]
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/anitavanrooyen
Instagram: @ConfidenceHackers
Facebook: groups/ConfidenceHackers

If you are / know of any Melbourne based businesses, artists or organisations that may interested to take part, please make sure to read this post then request a meeting with me!

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