I want to talk about mental health
…and it’s not easy I’m still working on it but I think by recognising it could help me. Melbourne’s second wave is actually having an effect on me and when I, without knowing it or just watching all of the news had actually just putting quite a bit of weight on myself.
So there’s a project that I call “Get Chatty” it’s a small project that I want to do to support small businesses in my local area and I couldn’t launch it in the past few weeks because I can feel that my, my headspace was so paralysed to a point I that I wasn’t sure what I want to do or if I want to do it.

Now I want to talk about how I got out of this. I have started a little journal I have a little book, (just to) in dot points just write down how I felt write it down how I felt. It’s almost like venting it out, but instead of off-loading it on a friend or just talk… because the thing is sometimes that when we talk about how we feel and what we think it might actually affect our friends around us.
And you know talking to a professional is a good idea, which I do, but then sometimes I just don’t want to off-load it onto my friends or loved ones or family so I just write them down and acknowledging it. It’s almost like confronting
a ghost and then just set it free.
For me I know myself I work better as a machine so I chunk things together into one lot and then I write down my goals and see how I want to achieve it. And I apply the same thing with what I’m doing for example I made a little plan for myself that I would make sure that I spent half an hour exercising. I would spend 15 minutes or 10 minutes doing a little meditation and then I felt that like you know every week that I like to do a face mask it’s pampering myself, being nice to myself and just planning that approach out every week is actually really helpful because by … I’m acknowledging it but at the same time I’m doing a little bit something constructive even when I’m at home by myself that it is still something that I can do to make things a little bit better.

Reading is actually quite helpful. I’m not a reader I’m not big on books but I also enjoy spending some time on it and sometimes even just picking up a notebook that you have or even an old magazine that you have that you might find something that you like and just take your brain away from that moment that feeling that you have I’m just emphasizing it – to me that being honest to myself and how I feel is actually something that is really beneficial for me now I’m not saying you should do the same but it’s important that you should find a way that is so suitable for you.

Activate your mental health care plan I mean they’re all there for you and there might be a stigma that might be you might be grow up around people that who are thinking, “oh that might affect your future opportunities or you don’t want to come across crazy or these people just want to take the money”. Well maybe yes, yes, yes … maybe. But the fact is if they have that professional knowledge and you can actually tell them everything that you worry and concerned about and, look I mean just imagine all the shit that they have to hear. so I mean, I mean I would pay them money just for that, not only but they are actually really good professionals. So don’t um, if you don’t feel so good about yourself just do it, just call up your GP, talk to them about mental health care plan and just see how it all go, and yeah stay healthy.

In retrospect, I’m glad to have had went through the very unexpected journey in 2017…

I want to talk it’s not easy I’m still working I think you could help me Melbourne’s and just putting quite a bit of weight on myself

Support small businesses in my local area and I couldn’t launcher in the past few weeks cos I can feel that my my headspace was so paralyzed to appoint that I wasn’t sure what I want to do what you want to do it I want to talk about how I got out of it