The 2020s may just be the decade that we figure out tricks to battle misinformation, here are some of my tricks.

  • Seek out information from trusted sources – if in doubt, have a think if the platform can financially gain from me staying for a prolonged period of time?
  • Research important info by using the term/phrase provided by official sources; only use colloquial or buzz-words in moderation.
  • Commercial outlets/agencies/websites need to stay viable and survive, I understand that, so I often remind myself that they may be publishing advertorials among important/ useful information – Am I being pitched to buy something? Can it be something of political bias?
  • Be aware that social media platforms are fundamentally technology companies to maximize your time spending on their platforms so they can generate advertising revenue – social media are designed to feed you with what they think will hold your attention for as long as possible
  • Think critically about how you determine something is accurate, particularly video content as they are often perceived as more trustworthy even they may be bias or inaccurate
  • Avoid information that appears to be unsourced or inflammatory
  • If coming across information that appears to research, check out their sources of funding or sponsorships
  • Think before you like or share a post – all abetted by technology platforms designed to send content to be viral
  • When reposting, make sure it is simple, clear, straightforward and unedited; also, it’s a good manner to acknowledge the source of information
  • I mostly repost or engaging contents from people that I actually know, sometimes I receive DMs on LinkedIn to help “hacking the algorithm” from strangers, given my LinkedIn platform reflects what I believe in professionally, I’m a bit more mindful about unsolicited correspondences

This content was written and first published in February 2020. A version of this article was also published on www.ames.net.au/blogs/protect-yourself-from-misinformation, I was contracted to provide the content published.

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