Originally Published: 26/10/2017

In 2016 I took a gap year. 

In the following 2 videos I shared some life news and what i needed to do for myself.  

In a nutshell, i went away because I need to find new ways to be myself. So I ventured outside my comfort zone; opened myself to try, see and work on a variety of things and places. I didn’t rob a bank so I also taken a number of different jobs to sustain this recklessness – the beautiful surprise was that I met many people with wonderful personality and professionalism that I think the world of content and the Art can learn from. 

As I return I think it is important to look for new perspectives and establish meaningful content that lead to meaningful connections. From 2018, Art2Public will evolve…

November 2017

2020 update: taking major steps in my mid thirties sound like one of the worst mistake I had ever made; however if I have done the same in my early 20s I probably would have lost my mind. I found that I appreciate life and what I learn a little bit more because of my age, and not knowingly building the resilience and mind set that many of us need in 2020.

Message to my future self: You’re doing the right thing

Rely on fear to last forever
But the truth is fear is only as much as you’re feeding it.

“Everything you worked for, share it with your audiences” Alyssa Edwards said “She has the grace, the poise and the execution of a young professional, but she need to dig deeper… (it’s more than attending the judges, but to communicate with the entire stadium)” (Me adding: and once you developed the instinct by being in the workforce in such environment for a period of time, you’re a force to be recokon with, that’s why some migrants came across the problem to re-develop the instinct, that worked in their preious country but not working in a new place