As Art2Public (2010-2018) I focused on activating business or public spaces through creative endeavors – created opportunities to get people talking about my clients; at the same time successfully assisted artists & performers to take the first steps on their paths.

Throughout the years, my clients referred me to their friends in the SME space and with the scope of my clientele expanding, I renamed the enterprise as Art2Public & the Chatty Curator in late 2018.

In 2020, I decided to rebrand my online presence with the aim to help others to find way that can help their businesses or creative endeavours. Read Full Bio…

I would like to specially thank Ali for his wonderful design work – don’t forget to check out polio after man behind the new chatty look!

Video transcript:
I want to introduce my new branding, and I must credit a really talented designer, Alan Banan, who is based in South Melbourne. And we met through a really good organisation called AMES Australia; we’re connected and became friends and then I also know he is extremely talented so that’s why I asked him to design my brand new branding and I hope you all enjoy it, I certainly do.

I kept my design brief very simple for Ali, but he understood what I wanted and also being very open to communicate to talk about what I am looking for and what kind of look and feel I am going for.

Make sure you check out his website, he is an amazing designer, great projects, overseas and in Australia he is also a lecturer, so I was like, geez you want to do it, ok, make sure that you check out his website, and also I am going to drag him along to be part of this interview videos if you made the Get Chatty videos