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I would love to share with everyone about a podcast project that you guys been working on for a bit over a year now isn’t it that’s right yeah yes that is the initiative that was born at the start of melbourne lockdowns or australian wide lockdowns and it started as a necessity because suddenly we were not able to communicate with clients face to face everyone was isolated in his room in his house and we we thought of new ways how to pass information to clients and somehow the podcast was born. It started as a little initiative and it grew over the past year so currently we have quite a decent number of plays in the air

it was also at a time when uh people entering Australia just started hotel quarantine and so it was a good opportunity to give people something to do in quarantine for two weeks so we thought if we had a series of podcasts for people to listen to that would that would bring some benefit to them
we also realized that the podcasts are quite simple technology they don’t require complicated apps or they don’t use a lot of data so very easy to use for our clients
they’re shareable too so yeah so you can listen to it and if you enjoyed it you thought you you got something good out of it you can share the link with someone else and and we’ve seen that spread in the community which has been great
that’s how i know about it yeah because it’s shareable that that’s that’s how it got

so let’s go in a little bit with uh with what the podcast is about maybe i’ll get each of you to talk about like two or three um areas that you covered
we record two podcasts one is the covert news podcast so that is kind of like an iterative update on what’s happening with any lockdown news any restrictions or changes to rules and restrictions vaccinations and exposure sites things like that. We also have the australian life series which covers a whole range of topics i think we’ve got over 20 different topics at the moment, some of the ones that i know our client base or new arrivals may be really interested in is things like housing so what the housing market is like both private and public housing education, university high school things like that and also employment so things like how to do well in a job interview
COVID wasn’t easy on any of us so my favorite topics that i would like to alert everyone about are health related podcasts we have four episodes on health only so they are very helpful in understanding how one can access gp services especially services emergency services the topics are written in a really simple manner but they are still comprehensive and informative; the other one that um is quite um uh you know um a favorite uh for me is uh although the topic is not especially favorite uh topics about uh family relationships um we are preparing them in a form of dialogues, so they are a little bit different to all our other episodes and um they touch on sensitive sense sensitive areas of domestic violence and what to do if someone is experiencing troubles in in in relationships so they are especially important now in this uh covet period when everyone is stressed and when many relationships might be under additional pressure and experiencing problems challenges
i want to add that i also really like the accessing child care or education that side of things because it’s interesting because even for people who have been living in australia for quite a few years then when your life changed um like you know get into a relationship or have a child or something like that those are new information so if they are available in the language that you’re familiar with why not?!

i get to assist a little bit with the social media side of things but of course like you know the the big part of work is you guys and all of the presenters now uh for for the audience there who haven’t uh don’t know much about the podcast just yet uh this podcast was uh written with uh the settlement clients of ames australia in mind and they are most of them have just arrived australia or about to arrive australia is that correct
correct so it’s uh it really targets uh new arrivals um and even people who have been here potentially up to the first 12 months even maybe more up to 18 months we have two podcast series one is called the australian life uh which focuses on different aspects of living in australia such as housing such as english classes such as activities for children and the other podcast is the covert news podcast so whenever we go into a lockdown or have some updates with restrictions we quickly put together one of these episodes and share it and spread it amongst the community so that everyone’s up to date with the most recent news and we have a dedicated team of roughly 10 to 15 staff who record it in a number of different languages yeah and there are different languages

transcript (from 08:36) : everyone is chipping in and everyone is bringing skills that they have and can utilize in this space
all of them are native or first language speakers of their particular language so they have a proper understanding so it’s not google translate people it’s not google translate people
that’s right it’s carefully everything is carefully considered and as as anyone who speaks another language knows not everything translates exactly from english into another language so the staff carefully phrase things in a way that’s understandable to the audience
well hey i mean even for me and my parents we uh we speak cantonese uh but there are particular words that don’t translate into english so even though that we speak to each other in english a lot but then there’s just some words that just work better in its own language so and
it must be a quite a um especially with the covert news series it must be a it can be a little bit of a stressful time and what are the challenges to deliver all of the episodes that you planned to do within such a short time frame

it’s really surprising how quickly they are written firstly and that’s something that anthony does and then how supportive the team members are they practically translate in two or three hours and record as well anthony quickly works on voice adjustments and releases them on anchor so it only takes a few hours to have a finished product and which is actually the sign of amazing cooperation we have within the team and you know everyone taking that part of responsibility and understanding how important we all are as a team so it is just amazing work especially around call with uh covert news
if we we understand that that information is so important because there is so much there are so many comments in in the media about how do we reach to communities in order that we really pass well the information um of course to achieve compliance that is so important for victoria
i think you’ve covered it and um just and to to date you know you you go to all that effort and you want to know that it’s having an impact and i think to date we’ve reached over 2 000 downloads for the episodes combined which is a big milestone so that’s great

i i do want to um go into the question a little bit about like you know it’s um how um what what kind of process do you does it require for you to write the script to be translated in such a short period of time
the government’s getting much better at being clear about the requirements of each lockdown which has been helpful um so but experience help yeah yeah i think you have to pull together a whole bunch of different resources so there’s the official government documents which are released but you’ve also got some really helpful news articles um that provide more of an overview um and so the script writing uh can be quick depending on how clear the um the the articles are and so once that’s all together that we call a meeting with the staff we review the script to make sure everybody’s on the same page make sure there’s no misunderstanding or potential misinformation, then it’s recorded and then uploaded edited and uploaded so if an announcement is made in the afternoon uh we can get the script done and all the episodes uploaded by close of business the following day
like last week i it was actually amazing because i i pay attention to the press conference as well that it’s like they happened around 11 or 12 on the day and then by four o’clock i already got the links from you guys i was like whoa yeah whatever coffee you’ve been having i need the name of the bread
personally i found it really inspiring that also that you guys have really just jumped into this and just give this a go and also all of the presenters in different languages because my speciality in social media and so i’m very experienced in finding bad information online and there’s a lot of misinformation out there

to share a message to all of the viewers that is there are a lot of information out there but not all of them would put in a lot of care and consideration but the this podcast is the podcast was made with uh the the newly arrivals uh in mind but then they’re actually really useful for many people as well yeah absolutely and it’s not even for australian citizens some of our bureaucratic systems are really difficult to understand so laying out this is what kinder is this is how child care works this is how university works i think is is really beneficial

how do people find this podcast
our podcasts both series the australian life and the covert news are available on uh eight or so different platforms

transcript (15:20): words of encouragement
to ames australia podcast please they are very useful they will help you uh they are meant to support you and provide accurate and important information
download the podcast give them a go and also consider sharing them with other people in your family who you know may not be accessing the news all the time and give it to them so they’ve got something easy digestible something that they can listen to and understand
personally i find this which will be a really good podcast um all of the latest episodes are really up to date and also every time that when there’s some news about particular topics these guys gonna update it no question asked so uh yeah make sure you check out the the podcast !!

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