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Badi Ceren is a tax agent who offers clients local, personal and friendly services. We met at a digital networking event in 2020 and I’m impressed by how passionate he is about his work and clients – he understands small operations very well and has great attention to detail!

In the 3 episodes, we get to know about Badi and he shared some useful tips when looking after one’s tax. (car expenses? WFH ?Donation? and even laundry?, I know…)

Watch the chat below:

Chatty: Welcome to this #GetChatty about your local business interview and today we have Badi with me.
Badi: My name is Badi Ceren, I am an accountant. I work for my own practice. I am located in Collingwood on Smith Street right across from the Woolworths is my practice.

Badi can be contacted via:
☎️ (03) 8594 1811
? [email protected]
? 256 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/taxassist-accountants-collingwood
Instagram: @TaxAssist_Collingwood
Facebook: @TaxAssistCollingwood

Chatty: For many small businesses or individuals right now in 2020 is experiencing a lot of questions about how, can I ask you to share money tips for people
Badi: Yes, absolutely so I totally agree with businesses, small businesses owner are going through difficult situations and they need help. At the moment as an accountant, I’m here to help them with their decision making for the purpose of different applications. For example, job keepers some businesses they never thought that they could be able to get job keeper because their business sales have actually increased in the last three months and I can tell them that they might be actually the reason why can get them the job keeper payment of $3,000 per month. Another thing is how you can minimise your tax bill by way of claiming deductions or deferring payments in their financial year. For example, if you were to pay towards your superannuation some out of your pocket, that would be considered a member’s contribution and that would be deductible on your tax return and it works great because it’s actually for your own future. The other thing that I perhaps recommend to my clients is to pay the bill before the end of the financial year that way you can claim it on this financial year. That’s some of the tax tips that we share with our clients. There are some more specific ones tailored for each one of their needs, but, yeah so with that …
Chatty: Yeah, well I mean in that case then if people are curious to find out more I understand on one of your Linkedin posts that people can find you and then just talk to you for 15-20 minutes is that right?
Badi: That’s right, so we are, as part our proactive approach to help individuals, we are offering a tax chat were we provide new clients a 20 minutes advice, general advice with regards to how they can minimize their tax. So we are providing it, we are having clients booking their appointments via the link we can provide, and this 20 minute tax chat that we will be able to tailor your specific deductions.

Chatty: What’s your message to your clients and friends in the community?
Badi: My message would be, don’t worry about doing the bookkeeping of your business. Get a professional to do it, take that headache away from your life because it can give, can get very hectic. My partner always says if you are not a nurse why would you put your own injections you know. So pretty much if you’re not an accountant try to get professional help that’s will be able to assist you with all the deductions all the details that could be tailored to your specific needs. So that would be my advice to my friends. Sometimes I have to remind them that I’m an accountant so it’s pretty important, yeah.
Chatty: I certainly would not do my own injections! I definitely would say no to that!! So, well in that case thanks Badi for taking time in this video and please check out Tax Assist, Collingwood on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram and please Get Chatty about your local business like Badi’s and like and share this content because like I said before, someone connected to you might be connected to someone who’s looking for something like that and we do need to get out there and support our local businesses and yeah so thank you so much and now can I get you to read out how people can find you like your website and your social media handles?
Badi: Yes so I’m Badi Ceren from Tax Assist Accountants Collingwood located on Smith Street right across from the Woolworths and the website www.taxassistau.com.au/collingwood and our phone number is 03 8594 1811.
Chatty: Wonderful! So once again thank you so much and best of luck and have a really nice evening.
Badi: Thank you, Arthur.

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