What is it about? Is it time for a side hustle? Let's chat about it (based on real-life experience) during
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I'm thrilled to share that the prototype of my Experience-Share workshop is ready for a beta test, and I'd like
A short recap on how I moved away from a career dead-end and the unexpected lesson learnt. (+ some tips
I'm working on a hybrid prototype with Melbourne's community in mind; however, I'd prefer to have chats instead of solely
With stagflation prolonging and a possible recession looming, building a trusted brand and personality with local stakeholders may be one
SME Chat with Lucas (2021 #GetChatty Series) Lucas Merlo is the Founder and Principal Mentor at NewLedge. Lucas invented the
Spill the Tea with Monica (2021 #GetChatty Series) Monica Tan Jurin is an academic and professional executive with fabulous insights
What is the #GetChatty Series?

Hi I’m Arthur and I’m a content marketer in Melbourne.

In this series, I’ll be sharing content about local businesses online and encourage people to support small-medium operations in Melbourne and Sydney.

There will be no cost for businesses that’d like to take part, click here to find out more or express interest…

*If you want to set up a phone or Zoom meeting, please click here.